Wild Alaskan Blueberries Can Help Keep Life-threatening Diseases at Bay

Wild Alaskan Blueberries Can Help Keep Life-threatening Diseases at Bay

Wild blueberries have long been thought to have higher nutritional values than cultivated blueberries – not to mention better flavor. But, who would have thought that blueberries from Alaska were significantly richer in vitamin and mineral than their counterpart in Main or Massachusetts?  

An in-depth study done in 2010 with the financial support of the United States Department of Agriculture found exactly that …. And, more!  

Health Benefits Discovered

In a study by Michenaud-Rague, wild blueberries decreases the risk levels associated with various degenerative diseases – such as decline in memory of aged persons – as well as cardiovascular problems that may accelerate as we age.  

Anti-oxidants are the police officers that keep free radicals from robbing our cells of valuable processes. The effect of free radicals was first observed in research of illnesses involving cognitive decline. Several years later it became clear that eating higher intakes of fresh fruits and vegetables displayed abilities to block the effects of free radicals.  

With that knowledge, studies were commenced on individual berries and vegetables to find those with the highest anti-oxidant levels. As of 2012, strawberries, cranberries and blueberries have topped the charts worldwide for the greatest anti-oxidant levels.   

In testing for anti-oxidant absorption levels, researchers learned that cultivated blueberries have an oxygen radical absorption capacity of 30 while wild Alaskan blueberries measured a lot higher, around 85. Furthermore, when wild Alaskan blueberries were dehydrated the value levels actually increased.  

While early studies showed that increasing the amount of blueberries had a positive effect on disrupting free radicals, the inconsistent nature of the results caused scientists to wonder why it worked for some and not for others.

Further study revealed that not only is the anti-oxidant level of a food source important but that the ability of that anti-oxidant to be absorbed by the body made the difference between success and failure.    

The most significant finding was that wild Alaskan blueberries health benefits are more pronounced in improving memory and mood in older adults as well as slowing the cognitive decline in adults who show signs of problems.  

The second most important discovery involves the potential of tocotrienols cancer benefits offered by wild Alaskan blueberries.  While the jury is still out and research continues, there are many positive signals that indicate the potential for a real breakthrough.  

Alaskan Blueberry Supplement

blueberriesUnlike many fruits that are processed for products, the wild Alaskan blueberry supplement maintains its anti-oxidant strength level. And perhaps the best part is if the product is dried, the levels increase. Of all the fruits and berries tested, the cranberry and Alaskan blueberry were those which held their vitamin and mineral values as well as the anti-oxidant absorption abilities.

Sadly, Alaska blueberry season is very short – usually from late August until early October just before the first frost settles in.  This makes them all the more desirable to those who love to pick them for their own use, for commercial production and for the bears in the area who are given the right-of-way to any berry patch.  

Tribal Tlingit people of Canada and Alaska use the word – “kyani” – to describe their culture and the most important sources of food that they eat. Loosely translated, it means something like “strong medicine” or “strong spirit”.  The wild Alaskan blueberry in Kyani products is said to represent the same kind of pride that the Tlingit people show in their everyday life.  

The first thing that you will probably notice when drinking the Kyani juice is that you have some extra pep in your step and you just feel generally better about life.  

This is not to suggest that you’ll get up one morning and see nothing but sunshine and roses – or that you’ll feel an effect that would resemble an anti-depressant. Nor does it mean that you’ll feel buzzed and ready to dance your way to the parking lot, either. The effect is subtle but clear and definitive.  

As with any anti-oxidant, you will be creating a healthier immune system that can fight off cellular deterioration, which in turn will increase memory and help the brain to function better in cognitive skill levels.  

Regardless of your purpose for trying Kyani’s wild blueberry beverage, blocking or slowing the effects of free radicals is always a bonus.