We had an excellent Pre-Launch Event in Montreal, Canada last weekend with nearly 2,000 Distributors attending. On Friday night Distributors participated in an inspiring leadership training meeting where U.S. Sales Manager Logan Kinghorn discussed the difference Kyäni can make in people’s lives. Dr. Qutab of the Kyäni Scientific Advisory Board shared insights on the health benefits of Kyäni’s products, particularly Nitro. Kyäni Founder and Chairman Kirk Hansen also took some time to share his vision for what Kyäni can become based on the principles of hard work he learned as a young man.

Saturday began with an opportunity meeting open to anyone interested in starting their own Kyäni business. Then in the general session Jonathan St-Pierre, a Diamond from Quebec, gave an introduction to Kyäni and discussed having the mindset for success. Logan Kinghorn presented on the long-term vision of Kyäni, then introduced several exciting announcements, including:

  • A new 800 number has been introduced for Canada-based Distributors. They can now dial 844-701-5048 to reach Kyäni Customer Service during regular business hours.
    Local shipping is now available for Kyäni Canadian Distributors, with strategically placed warehouses on the east and west coasts to reduce Canadian shipping costs and provide better service. The new warehouses have already begun operation.
  • The online store at shop.kyäni.net will begin taking orders in Canadian dollars in the coming weeks. This will benefit our Canadian Distributors by simplifying the purchase process, as well as signing up new Distributors without the need for currency conversion.
  • During the session, Distributors also heard from Diamonds Franzua Rudder and Hamza Majdi on customer acquisition and recruiting, as well as Green Diamond Nikola Nanac who provided training on the Compensation Plan. Double Red Diamond James Bradford spoke about promoting events, and Kirk Hansen spoke on how together we can take Kyäni to the top of the industry.

Capping off the event was a special prize giveaway, including one lucky Distributor, Sapphire Verna Bollers, who received a 12-month lease on a new Mercedes. It was an impactful, educational event for everyone who attended, and we anticipate continued success for Kyäni Canada in the coming months.