Perhaps, this is the first time that you’ve heard the word “Tocotrienols” and wondering what it is. You probably know it by another name – all natural Vitamin E. That’s not the same Vitamin E that you find at your local drug store or supermarket, which contains only 4 of the 8 chemical structures contained in vitamin E. The four that are an element of your locally sourced supplement has its cousin called Tocopherol, which does offer several benefits, as well.

All natural lipid nutrition: Vitamin E & Omega 3s & Tocotrienols from Annatto Seed and Alaskan Salmon

While they may be cousins, each of them has their own place in the family hierarchy. Tocopherol is known to be an effective supplement as an anti-oxidant that help prevent arterial plaque build-up and maintain regulation of the central nervous system.

The benefits of Tocotrienols are best described as tocopherols on steroids. Tocotrienols are more potent than the tocopherol variety and as such, have the unique ability to penetrate deeper into cellular structure, even when damaged.

In the simplest of terms what all that means to you is that the former assists in cell repair and transformation.

All damaged cells– whether in the brain, lungs or feet– undergo a deterioration process that allows the body to throw the cells out without causing damage to surrounding cells in the area.

Tocotrienols has been implicated in the repair of cancer cells that are already in this process and effectively slow cancer cell reproduction.     If data is to be believed more than 1.5 Million people around the world are diagnosed each year with some form of cancer, leading to 600,000 deaths. If this research holds up under more scrutiny, it could alleviate the terror of having this disease.

Let’s Pull In Research

There is mixed research results suggesting Tocotrienols are directly linked to the reduction of high blood pressure. Because of the inconsistency of the results and the variances in control models of some studies, the medical field is not prepared to affirm that this element of vitamin E has a beneficial effect.

High cholesterol – the bad kind – has the same inconsistent test results. Yet, studies that have taken place over a period of more than 60 days shows a significant reduction while 8-week testing shows minimal, if any, reduction in cholesterol levels.

Hair Growth Figures Unveiled

It has successfully been used in some instances of hair growth, depending on the underlying cause of the problem. Those who have tried tocotrienols for hair loss due to a nutritional deficiency have shown the most significant increase in hair restoration.

A double blind study reported to the National Center for Biotechnology at the National Institute of Health concludes that tocotrienols supplements showed dramatic hair growth during the 8-week test period; the study also reported that the growth continued for up to 8 months after the study concluded.

Some of the current studies are showing strong potential in tocotrienols benefits such as promotion of arterial formation after stroke, improvement in insulin sensitivity, prevention of bone loss and protection of vital circuits in the brain.

Tocotrienols Side Effects

As with all positives there are negatives lurking in the shadows somewhere and this is true of Tocotrienols as well. One of the definitively identified side effects is in the use of topical applications which is associated with contact dermatitis (skin rashes) that may or may not become inflamed upon continuous use of the cream.

People with diabetes need to check with their medical advisor before taking any product with tocotrienols since it may adversely affect blood glucose levels when used in combination with other medications.

Additionally, according to WebMD report on this supplement, because of some indications that blood sugar controls may be erratic, surgeons already demand that taking of this vitamin needs to stop at least 2 weeks prior to any surgery.